Protección de campanas de laboratorios químicos y de minería


A complete pre-engineered system for Laboratory Fume Cabinets and other zones at risk from chemical combustion


  • Fume cabinet
  • Paint & chemical storage
  • Petroleum storage tanks
  • Hydraulic circuits
Key Advantages:
- Fast and effective fire detection and suppression for individual fume cabinets
- Installs directly inside fume chamber and exhaust hood- closer to where a fire can start
- For use with CO2 extinguishing agent (cylinders are delivered unfilled)
- Available in 5 kg and 10 kg sizes
- Also available with the DIMES digital measuring system
- Suppression agent: FM-200 and  CO2, inert gas
- Approval: CE UL FM
- Cylinder sizes: 5 / 10 L
Sistemas para campanas de laboratorios y minas
FireDetec applications brochure - Fume H
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